You embody a being made of modular paper, in a world where all forgotten papers have created a singular hidden universe. dictated by the inquisition of "the Order of the Chrome Paper", the dictatorship is set in stone but a revolution is on the rise: the player will have to manage to use his unique skills of  dashing to overcome this group and their leaders, "The offset Lords". Be aware, you only have 7 dashes.

Credits :

Alexandre Lucas : Developper

Sofiane Ben Embareck : Developper

Simon Kircher : Game Artist

Arnaud Guegherouni : Game Artist / Sound Designer

Yoan Mayer : Game Designer / Level Designer

Killian Marcantei : Game Designer / Level Designer

 Tech Spec :

Made for PC with Unity and Fmod.

 How to play :

Exclusively on mouse with the left click.

Rules : 

Use your left button on your mouse to dash, you have a maximum of 7 dashes.

Vents : It's like a portal.

Slider : Increase your speed.

Victory condition : Kill all ennemies before you run out of dashes.

Loose condition : Run out of dashes with at least one ennemy left.

Too much time between 2 dashes. 


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Really impressed by the game design ! The realization of your game is well done and quite addictive !